Mind Solutions’ business application of the Mind Targeting™ method described on the Approach page enhances; Critical Thinking, Peak Performance, Effective Relationships and can diminish or resolve Common or Complex Issues described below. 

This approach facilitates higher functioning by guiding self-development to improve; performance, leadership, relationships and overall job satisfaction.

Enhanced Critical Thinking

A person has more resources available in their mind than they realize. This becomes an important factor when you need to think more critically. 

Within each of us resides a multitude of perspectives on any given subject. Normally our mind channels our solution making process unconsciously so we end up with only a few ways to view a subject.

With the Mind Targeting™ method we can aim your mind on the subject at hand and access multiple self-generated perspectives that normally reside outside of your awareness. 

Listening to yourself at this deeper level allows you to more critically and thoroughly analyze and process important subjects, events or relationships.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of executives and key personnel dealing with all kinds of issues presented in their work environments. 

Having a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology I also know it is important to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for exploration to take place in.

Learning and working with your own thinking process at this depth, will provide you a critical thinking advantage for creating and implementing strategies and strengthening relationships.

  • optimize your resources that reside inside of you
  • Improve critical thinking; enhance creative solutions
  • apply knowledge gained to leadership and performance
  • in-depth exploration and restructuring of your critical thinking ability
  • minimize fallout before making tough decisions
  • effective damage control processing
  • Create and have the job description you desire

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      Peak performance

      Peak performance is a method originally designed for training olympic athletes now improved upon by integrating features from the Mind Targeting™ method.

      Difficult events or tasks that require clear thinking and concentration can be disrupted by stress, fear or various forms of distraction.

      This Peak Performance method takes an event and breaks it down into it’s sub-sequences or phases. Next, we apply the Mind Targeting™ method to process hindrances that are blocking performance during each phase of the event.

      Usually by the end of one session we will be able to troubleshoot the whole chain of events and work through what is needed for you to take care of yourself for success.

      Using Mind Targeting™ method emotions and negative thoughts affecting performance will be worked through allowing your natural abilities to shine through.

      This original Peak Performance model can be applied to:

      • public speaking
      • leading a difficult group or team
      • an important meeting where you have to be at your best
      • or any task where you are performing below your ability

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          Relationship issues

          Another way to frame this is; what part of you is being triggered by which part of them.

          The Mind Targeting™ method will assist you in finding workable solutions to upsetting relationships.

          You will learn how to protect and soothe the part(s) of yourself being triggered while at the same time maintaining safe and fair boundaries for yourself.

          Each case is unique, so each solution will be uniquely structured to fit your personality and feel right to you before implementing it.

          Such issue might include:

          • feeling disrespected, ignored or isolated
          • really disliking a person you have to interact with
          • not liking a certain group of people or type of group think

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              Common Issues

              The goal of Mind Solutions Executive Coaching is to help you reach your full potential at work. Sometimes this means dealing with common issues that affect a your level of performance, leadership and relationships.

              The Mind Targeting™ method was originally developed for psychotherapy. It is also excellent for dealing with all types of issues from work that can put someone into a bad space.

              Issues of:
              stress, anxiety, concentration, worry, obsessing, feeling out of sync with yourself, burnout, exhaustion, feeling down, fear, confusion, indecisiveness, shame, wanting to quit, feeling like an imposter, being too critical to self or others, boredom, cutting off, feeling alienated, dissatisfaction, procrastination, being too nice, feeling taken advantage of, boundary issues, anger, rage…

              Even strong issues like: manic-depression, rage, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, social anxiety, OCD, trauma, feeling disconnected from yourself…

              *Note: depending on your companies policy, these stronger issues may need to be resolved by your health care provider.

              Since 2003 I have taught the Mind Targeting™ method at graduate schools and to many professionals and coached over 1000 individuals.

              The Mind Targeting™ method is not the standard way to deal with these difficulties, it is state-of-the-art. It is in depth and goes to the source where issues can best be worked through.

              *Note: Confidentiality is important along with a safe and non-judgemental environment.

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