About Dr. David Schultz

Mindsolutions - David schultz Internal 360™ executive coaching
My quest has always been to understand the mind and consciousness. I developed Self-Sync™ to synchronize our mind’s capacity with our business success and overall well being.

My career started in the business world, where eventually I headed up a few companies. I wanted to follow my passion so I went back to school and earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Moving from California to Sweden in 2003 I developed a new method for psychotherapy called Mind Targeting™. I did this by integrating several cutting edge evidence based models out of the US. I taught my method to many graduate students and professionals in the Stockholm area.

By chance, many of my therapy clients were successful business people who asked me to help them work through issues from work. I adjusted my method and thus was born the Self-Sync™ for business clients.

I love what I do, and that I can help others gain back their passion and fulfillment in their work environments. When you are passionate, performance naturally increases and conflicts melt away.

Even professionals at the top of their game profit from this experience!

Education and background

  • Doctoral and Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (CSPP); accredited by (APA)
  • Masters in Research Psychology (CSU:LB) (minus thesis)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (UTD)
  • Note: I have taught many psychotherapists, business coaches and graduate students, Mind Targeting™ or Self-Sync™
  • MindSolutions Executive Coaching; President and CEO
  • Zane Leadership Development; President and CEO
  • Anxious or Blue Therapy Clinic; Clinical Director/Owner
  • Banking, insurance, lease finance, construction, etc.
  • DES Homes Incorporated – President

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